John Copley 1875–1950 & Ethel Gabain 1883–1950  Artists


2. Evacuees in a Cottage at Cookham
Ethel Gabain 2. Evacuees in a Cottage at Cookham, 1940
1. Sandbag Workers
Ethel Gabain 1. Sandbag Workers, 1940
2. Salvage Workers
Ethel Gabain 2. Salvage Workers, 1940
3. Sorting and Flinging Logs
Ethel Gabain 3. Sorting and Flinging Logs, 1940
4. Work on a Weir Pump
Ethel Gabain 4. Work on a Weir Pump, 1940
5. Building a Beaufort Fighter
Ethel Gabain 5. Building a Beaufort Fighter, 1940
6. Captain Pauline Gower of the Women’s Air Transport Auxiliary
Ethel Gabain 6. Captain Pauline Gower of the Women’s Air Transport Auxiliary, 1940
1. The Evacuation of Children from Southend 2nd June 1940
Ethel Gabain 1. The Evacuation of Children from Southend 2nd June 1940, 1940
Self Portrait
John Copley Self Portrait, 1933
John Copley Wind, 1947
Ethel Gabain Amoretti, c.1925
John Copley Mountains, 1950
Two Figures
John Copley Two Figures, 1950
Pontoon Welding
John Copley Pontoon Welding, 1946
An Old Man
John Copley An Old Man, 1944
John Copley Algiers, 1932
A woman putting on her shoes (Une Dame qui se chausse)
Ethel Gabain A woman putting on her shoes (Une Dame qui se chausse), 1916
Pierrot en Italie
Ethel Gabain Pierrot en Italie, 1926
The Draught-Players
Ethel Gabain The Draught-Players, 1923
The Rattle
Ethel Gabain The Rattle, 1920
The Striped Imp
Ethel Gabain The Striped Imp, 1917
A Dancer Resting
Ethel Gabain A Dancer Resting, 1916
The Silken Wrap
Ethel Gabain The Silken Wrap, 1916
Colombine à sa Toilette
Ethel Gabain Colombine à sa Toilette, 1916
Un Amour de Pierrot
Ethel Gabain Un Amour de Pierrot, 1916
Au Clair de la Lune
Ethel Gabain Au Clair de la Lune, 1916
Ethel Gabain Pierrot, 1916
Ethel Gabain Berçeuse, 1915
Visite morose
Ethel Gabain Visite morose, 1914
The Printer (Mr John Copley printing lithographs)
Ethel Gabain The Printer (Mr John Copley printing lithographs), 1914
Sous le Réverbère
Ethel Gabain Sous le Réverbère, 1913
Ethel Gabain Toilette, 1913
Le Petit Déjeuner
Ethel Gabain Le Petit Déjeuner, 1912
The Studio Stove
Ethel Gabain The Studio Stove, 1908
Mother and Child standing
Ethel Gabain Mother and Child standing, 1908
The Emigrant
Ethel Gabain The Emigrant, 1906
A Tapping Machine Operator
Ethel Gabain A Tapping Machine Operator, 1945
The Bride
Ethel Gabain The Bride, 1918
“Tu es Ivre”
John Copley “Tu es Ivre”, 1948
A Bombed Area
John Copley A Bombed Area, 1946
Welding Jerricans
John Copley Welding Jerricans, 1946
Two Girls by a Stream
John Copley Two Girls by a Stream, 1948
John Copley Trio, 1940
John Copley Torso, 1946
The Vine House
John Copley The Vine House, 1916
The Programme-Seller
John Copley The Programme-Seller, 1909
The Pink Vase
John Copley The Pink Vase, 1949
The Apple Tree
John Copley The Apple Tree, 1950
The Foyer
John Copley The Foyer, 1935
Quartet or Concerted Music
John Copley Quartet or Concerted Music, 1939
John Copley Polo, 1939
People in the Tube
John Copley People in the Tube, 1946
People in a Room
John Copley People in a Room, 1947
Palma – Early Evening
John Copley Palma – Early Evening, 1932
Palma de Mallorca
John Copley Palma de Mallorca, 1932
Olive Terraces
John Copley Olive Terraces, 1927
Morning on a Hillside
John Copley Morning on a Hillside, 1936
Mani Rugate
John Copley Mani Rugate, 1927
Man on the Grass
John Copley Man on the Grass, 1947
London Snow
John Copley London Snow, 1940
La Bionda
John Copley La Bionda, 1937
In the Tube
John Copley In the Tube, 1948
In my Studio
John Copley In my Studio, 1949
Racehorses or Horses at the Starting Post
John Copley Racehorses or Horses at the Starting Post, 1936
From an Alassio Balcony
John Copley From an Alassio Balcony, 1927
French Songs
John Copley French Songs, 1946
John Copley Food, 1948
Figures in Tumult
John Copley Figures in Tumult, 1944
Figures in the Wind
John Copley Figures in the Wind, 1940
Figures in Sunlight
John Copley Figures in Sunlight, 1947
Figures in Ecstasy
John Copley Figures in Ecstasy, 1947
Fiesta Mallorquina
John Copley Fiesta Mallorquina, 1932
John Copley Eva, 1940
El Muchacho
John Copley El Muchacho, 1932
John Copley Carmencita, 1936
Bearers (1st version)
John Copley Bearers (1st version), 1917
Battestina in Italy
John Copley Battestina in Italy, 1946
Battestina and Carnations
John Copley Battestina and Carnations, 1927
An Autumn Afternoon on Hampstead Heath
John Copley An Autumn Afternoon on Hampstead Heath, 1939
After the Finish
John Copley After the Finish, 1914
A Surgeon
John Copley A Surgeon, 1948
A Man pulling off his Coat
John Copley A Man pulling off his Coat, 1948
A Lady in Sunlight
John Copley A Lady in Sunlight, 1911
A Girl Sitting in Twilight
John Copley A Girl Sitting in Twilight, 1918
A Figure Walking
John Copley A Figure Walking, 1947
A Figure in Distress
John Copley A Figure in Distress, 1944
A Figure in Anger
John Copley A Figure in Anger, 1944
A Dancer Relaxed
John Copley A Dancer Relaxed, 1946
A Dancer Alert
John Copley A Dancer Alert, 1946
A Boy in the Garden
John Copley A Boy in the Garden, 1940
A Bather about to Dive
John Copley A Bather about to Dive, 1932
Study No.14: Evening
John Copley Study No.14: Evening, 1916
Study No.16: Vespers
John Copley Study No.16: Vespers, 1916
A Man
John Copley A Man, 1917
Tennis Players
John Copley Tennis Players, 1918
Five Girls
John Copley Five Girls, 1918
The Ambulance
John Copley The Ambulance, 1918
Madonna giacente
John Copley Madonna giacente, 1919
Madonna nutrice
John Copley Madonna nutrice, 1920
Spectators at a Tragic Play
John Copley Spectators at a Tragic Play, 1920
A Drink of Beer
John Copley A Drink of Beer, 1920
John Copley Fiammetta, 1922
Men lifting a Marble Slab
John Copley Men lifting a Marble Slab, 1922
Jesus and a Woman of the City
John Copley Jesus and a Woman of the City, 1923
John Copley Fog, 1923
Sheep in the Night (1st version)
John Copley Sheep in the Night (1st version), 1924
A Group of Actors
John Copley A Group of Actors, 1925
Alassio: Starry Night
John Copley Alassio: Starry Night, 1928
John Copley Muratori, 1928
On a Southern Shore
John Copley On a Southern Shore, 1928
John Copley Bagnanti, 1928
Ethel Gabain Ballerine, 1916
John Copley Siesta, 1928
Chef d’Orchestre
John Copley Chef d’Orchestre, 1930
John Copley Opera-glasses, 1931
Seen from an Omnibus
John Copley Seen from an Omnibus, 1931
Seen in a Mirror
John Copley Seen in a Mirror, 1933
A Lady and a Dancer
John Copley A Lady and a Dancer, 1938
Jonquils and Tulips
John Copley Jonquils and Tulips, 1938
Le Bain
Ethel Gabain Le Bain, 1911
The Printing Press
Ethel Gabain The Printing Press, 1911
Towers of Florence
Ethel Gabain Towers of Florence, 1911
Ethel Gabain Voices, 1911
The Removal
Ethel Gabain The Removal, 1912
The Black Beetle
Ethel Gabain The Black Beetle, 1912
Avant le Bain
Ethel Gabain Avant le Bain, 1912
Ethel Gabain Revellers, 1913
La Lecture (Model reading)
Ethel Gabain La Lecture (Model reading), 1913
Portrait of Mr John Copley (The Blue Jersey)
Ethel Gabain Portrait of Mr John Copley (The Blue Jersey), 1914
The Linen Cupboard
Ethel Gabain The Linen Cupboard, 1914
Ethel Gabain Afterthoughts, 1914
Un Joli Laid (Chow)
Ethel Gabain Un Joli Laid (Chow), 1914
Rêverie matinale
Ethel Gabain Rêverie matinale, 1914
Profil Fin
Ethel Gabain Profil Fin, 1914
The Mirror
Ethel Gabain The Mirror, 1914
Ethel Gabain Affiches, 1914
A Lady and her Knitting
Ethel Gabain A Lady and her Knitting, 1915
Pierrot Délaissé
Ethel Gabain Pierrot Délaissé, 1916
A Munition Worker
Ethel Gabain A Munition Worker, 1917
Madame X
Ethel Gabain Madame X, 1918
Le Lorgnon
Ethel Gabain Le Lorgnon, 1919
Le Don de la Mariée
Ethel Gabain Le Don de la Mariée, 1919
Pierrot Infidèle
Ethel Gabain Pierrot Infidèle, 1919
The Parrot
Ethel Gabain The Parrot, 1919
Ethel Gabain Firelight, 1921
Ethel Gabain Gavroche, 1921
The Orchard
Ethel Gabain The Orchard, 1922
Jane Sleeping on the Moor
Ethel Gabain Jane Sleeping on the Moor, 1922
Le petit Monde
Ethel Gabain Le petit Monde, 1922
Christopher Asleep
Ethel Gabain Christopher Asleep, 1923
Choix de Bottes
Ethel Gabain Choix de Bottes, 1923
A Window at Olantigh
Ethel Gabain A Window at Olantigh, 1923
Olantigh Trees
Ethel Gabain Olantigh Trees, 1923
A Summer Room
Ethel Gabain A Summer Room, 1923
At the Stile
Ethel Gabain At the Stile, 1923
A Summer Breeze
Ethel Gabain A Summer Breeze, 1923
Wind on the Down
Ethel Gabain Wind on the Down, 1924
Un Monsieur
Ethel Gabain Un Monsieur, 1924
Ethel Gabain Parklands, 1924
Harvester Resting
Ethel Gabain Harvester Resting, 1924
Fur Wrap
Ethel Gabain Fur Wrap, 1924
Nostalgie de Pierrot
Ethel Gabain Nostalgie de Pierrot, 1926
The Black and White Stair
Ethel Gabain The Black and White Stair, 1926
Girl with lemons (Senefelder Lay Member print)
Ethel Gabain Girl with lemons (Senefelder Lay Member print), 1926
La Dame au Masque
Ethel Gabain La Dame au Masque, 1929
Contre Jour
Ethel Gabain Contre Jour, 1932
A Lavatory
John Copley A Lavatory, 1909
San Gimignano: A Drink
John Copley San Gimignano: A Drink, 1913
A Daylight Lamp
John Copley A Daylight Lamp, 1909
A Kiss
John Copley A Kiss, 1910
Anger (Signora Duse in ‘La Gioconda’)
John Copley Anger (Signora Duse in ‘La Gioconda’), 1910
Interested Spectators
John Copley Interested Spectators, 1910
Over the Cities
John Copley Over the Cities, 1910
Musicians No.1
John Copley Musicians No.1, 1910
Counsel and a Stamp Dealer
John Copley Counsel and a Stamp Dealer, 1910
A Judge and a Music Hall Artist
John Copley A Judge and a Music Hall Artist, 1910
John Copley Lacrosse, 1910
A Dancer Panting
John Copley A Dancer Panting, 1911
Musicians No.2: Pas de Ballet
John Copley Musicians No.2: Pas de Ballet, 1911
Siena Cathedral
John Copley Siena Cathedral, 1911
John Copley Footlights, 1911
The Surgeon
John Copley The Surgeon, 1911
A Carter backing his Horse
John Copley A Carter backing his Horse, 1912
Lacrosse Players
John Copley Lacrosse Players, 1936
Athletes Dressing
John Copley Athletes Dressing, 1912
John Copley Hammermen, 1914
Study No.1: Sewing
John Copley Study No.1: Sewing, 1914
Study No.2: Listening
John Copley Study No.2: Listening, 1914
Study No.3: Dreaming
John Copley Study No.3: Dreaming, 1914
Study No.4: Waiting
John Copley Study No.4: Waiting, 1914
Study No.5: Silver
John Copley Study No.5: Silver, 1914
In the Paddock
John Copley In the Paddock, 1914
John Copley Recruits, 1915
John Copley Books, 1915
Mother and Son
John Copley Mother and Son, 1915
Study No.6: The Orange
John Copley Study No.6: The Orange, 1916
Study No.10: The Bath
John Copley Study No.10: The Bath, 1916
Study No.12: The Son
John Copley Study No.12: The Son, 1916
The Weisshorn
John Copley The Weisshorn, 1911

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